Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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Another perspective, the same view, different opinions. I

This last weekend I had the opportunity to introduce the world of the Competition or as it is known to the POS. Two days of sunshine, good atmosphere and more is learned about something unless we have to learn.

I've noticed and seen the suspicion that this facet of infused expel many people and honestly I see it not only normal, as any more of our Federal activity, but it I think it's a great addition for anyone who wants to reach great achievements in the caving scene.
Regardless of exhibitionism that might result can be seen in a locked ward and public, something unheard of in our scene for years, I stay in great physical preparation it provides the practice. The error may come to see that practice it, just do it for display at climbing walls and sports, but the cash registers do not necessarily require going through the competition, but that their practice provides a physical background and an extra hard reflections you can take to the traditional practice weekend in cavities.

Undoubtedly, the aim of taking a trip in the shortest possible time, leading to technical errors because the head is moving too fast, but we leave that to those who love the competition and judges are to control and punish such failures. But that same route can be made to a more normal pace, and even pose a circuit with an amalgam of the most varied in complex situations then we may have in a pocket. Come on, what's better safe than sorry, while you can mold a circuit to develop certain special physical or mental obstacle as allow you to face great challenges. For those who have been campaigning, I'm sure you recollect me psychologically at a time when you're not fine, it is difficult to pull out any campaign with a minimum of excitement, which is essential to find good physically then.

Remember the fears that arose when we started with the issue of guns and now it's the same with the POS and is always afraid of new experiences and forget that if anything, even enriches what we do . We can always profit from the experiences of other colleagues who practice other modalities. I have said already, but the fact that Russians today are the "number one" of the caving world, leaving the French dreaming of past glories, is not a coincidence. They have years and years the theme of the competition and not only give the importance to them if necessary by way of training to overcome such difficult challenges Krubera-Voronya and more than 2000 meters deep, something that is not available of all.

As for the Judges of the TPV, as they are only people like that that is not today, that is, VOLUNTEERS. Hobby people moved to the championships because someone has to not only ensure the regulation, if not controlling step defects and avoid situations that might be dangerous to the Competitor. For me, it's all a labor of love and more if you think that day could be doing what you like, get a cavity. Besides this, it is commendable that in itself have to endure as we saw in Spain last championship, held in Tarragona.

The state of nervousness that can come to some competitors, only to lose most precious medal, leading the center of his anger, just the judges, that poor guy is only trying to enforce rules and they were not escape some of the tricks that they can do the same competitors. At the end of the day, unfortunately this is part of everyday life of all sports competitions it that "the important thing is to participate" appears that some lunatic said many years ago, looking for those stages scenes that become sad and pathetic that you can see people who seem to be consistent, the world losing sight of a "penalty", "expulsion" or any release of the game that is in a regulation to which all promise to respect, but in the heat of the dispute someone intones that the "queer the last" (no offense to homosexuals, which have all my respect) .

may have to spend years and generations to come to understand the competition as an "evolution" most of the caving, but meanwhile, there will always be detractors and not because we are clear that this is a figment of someone, but because we do not want to face one of the best and highest that there is that "in this life you have to try everything, to know after the talk "


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