Monday, March 16, 2009

Biggest Boops In Film Heroin


This piece of meat is the front of the back of the pig, the Iberian case that has nothing to do with the top loin, a cut back and call him "butcher steak."

Iberian Pen is triangular in shape, not very thick and wide with a weight approaching, more or less, two hundred grams.

The meat if we make it very juicy ready.


- 1 / 2 Kilo of Iberian pen
- Maldon Salt


light the fire with dry kindling finite box can be fruit or tree, if any add pineapple and place around coal . The grill must be thoroughly cleaned and for that it is best to burn fat from the roast prior to a very strong fire, and when the grill is hot, pass a wire brush to lift the charred fat.

Once the fire has consumed and we are the embers, put meat on the grill and baking to taste.

Now is the time to put the salt because if the salt it before it would go abroad juices changing its flavor.

If you want you can served with barbecue sauce
If you do not have barbecue can be done in a cooktop.


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