Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sample Deposit Receipt

1st. Aniv. GEXXI - AGER (Lleida)

The weather sometimes gets us in some situations it might be unthinkable years ago. And it is clear that the understanding with the people writing is a mess. And as a button here I am with one of my worst enemies a few years ago and now I find that has an exceptional personality.

Yes ...... my "friend" Manel. I'm still wondering about why we become mosque of that way and the answer is the same. The writing sometimes thought betrayed and confused. Well

otherwise a magnificent evening with a wonderful time in a dream. The Montsec Serralada is not only known as extraordinary cavities houses, but it also by their school of paragliding. At the foot of the picturesque village of Ager that over the years has grown thanks to a growing mountain tourism.

Upon arrival, lunch and Mt. We split into two groups, one that would go to Corralot reduced and which were added mostly our friends Aragon and another larger group that went to the area in which are located 50 mts. each other the


Grallera Alzamora.

latter group throughout the day, made and exchanged the 2 cavities while some of us are out for various reasons.

In my case, my heart injury forced by all and provide me with satisfactory results in the first 10 m. Grallera of the Crown.

The rest of the day total boredom, sleep under the solecillo and waking, Surprise! I had become a crab.

At night, dinner together, discussion of the test without actually Montoya unclear, as we heard in the background that the Madrid lost and the club was getting closer to winning the league.
Coffee recent discussions on various topics, some war stories which is normal when there are odds like me and very happy to sleep all morning because some were returning home, while others were killed over the weekend at the bottom of Boixaguer.

I still say that this group is alive and very much alive and not only by the activity, but because there are concerns that provoke such lively debate and you see perfectly well that people are comfortable in this group.
The GEXXI last as long as it lasts, what is indisputable is that it is a precedent for Interclubs, but no structure, no obligations, without leadership and that anarchy is what makes it attractive, you can join as one, with no one above you.

That lasts for years if ever go away to later generations as to note what the oldies ride called "a healthy Combaya" the style of the 60-70 and from which came one of the most glorious generations caving of this country.
Someone once said "Better few good many and destructive."


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