Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Are The Thing That Can Eye Being Infection

and colds ...: Aloe Vera Juice! Ingredients

- A leaf of Aloe.

- A lemon.
- Honey.


Cut a piece of the aloe plant and put it with the point vertically upwards to "blood", to release a yellowish substance which is what gives the bitter taste. Then wash it and place it horizontally. To remove the pulp have to cut the edges (as when they removed the side trickles bean pods), and then separated with a knife outside parties and green leaf, thus leaving the mucilagenosa that you are using to make the rich richer zumito.

On the other hand, cut a lemon into pieces and mash (ALL) with a blender, then strain it. The reason is that the lemon like most citrus fruits, are its most profitable in the epicarp and mesocarp.

Now, just mix the aloe mucilage, together with the strained lemon juice and one or two teaspoons of honey in the blender. And presto! Out cold!

Here I spent a couple of links that are very well:
http://imujer. en / health / medicinal virtues-of-lemon-

And one little thing: but not enough, the orange in the internal medium is acidified and lemon becomes basic, so when zumito yourselves an orange, add a lemon to counteract, because by nature our internal environment is essential and thus will not disturb.

And vegan geeks:

Limon oil : K (153 mg), Ca (32 mg), Mg (16 mg), P (18 mg), Fe (0.5 mg); vit. A (2 mg ) carotenoids (9 g) Ac. Folic ( 9 mg) ; vit. C (52 mg)

Orange, raw : K (179mg), Ca (40 mg), Mg (13 mg), P (16 mg), Fe (0.3 mg); vit. A (40 mg ) carotenoids (240 mg ) Ac. Folic ( 39 mg) ; vit. C (52 mg)

Source: "Tables of Food Composition CESNID" (2003). Ed Mc Graw-Hill - American.

NOTE: minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron) are expressed in mg/100g; soluble vitamin folic acid and soluble the vitamin A, expressed in μg/100g. Vitamin C (hicrosoluble) expressed in mg/100g. Carotenoids are the pigments of plants from which we can synthesize vitamin A, that is, are the precursors of it.

In wikipedia there is a very complete table with the recommended daily allowance (RDA).


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