Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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... because food also enters the eye! Ingredients

- A potato.

- An onion.

- An eggplant.

- A small zucchini.

- 400g of spinach.

- Two cloves of garlic.
- A little cheese (optional).
- Fried tomato (best done at home).
- Dijon Mustard.
- Olive Oil 0.4 º.


Salt Preparation:

Slice the eggplant and leave in water a bit before starting to make the recipe. Similarly Short
zucchini, potato and onion. Grilled, Fry onion rings and other vegetables, one by one to maintain its shape, and sprinkle some salt. Furthermore

go boiling spinach with a little salt. Once done, drain and sauté with two cloves of garlic.

a new pan placed in the "slices" of potatoes (very thin) as a flower, that once made, remain "stuck" (like a margarita), and sprinkle with salt. It must be because this is the basis on which to place the remaining ingredients.

When it is well done and united, gaskets with tomato sauce (2-3 tablespoons) and mustard (1 teaspoon, to taste). Then you put the onion rings and poached and sliced \u200b\u200beggplant and zucchini, floor by floor, to where you want. Finally I put the spinach. and a little cheese.

And baked au gratin!

is also great if the chop fresh spinach and raisins directly by the pan until they are poached. Actually doing it the best cook by steaming, which is how most keep their properties.

And vegan geeks:

Spinach, boiled : prot plant (2.3 g), total fiber (3.0 g), Na (57 mg), K (313g ), Ca (112 mg), Mg (46 mg), P (42 mg), Fe (2.4 mg); vit. A (757 mg ) carotenoids (4543 mg ) Ac. Folic ( 140 g) ; vit. C (24mg)

Spinach, raw : prot plant (2.9 g), total fiber (2.6 g), Na (95 mg), K (529mg), Ca ( 86 mg), Mg (58 mg), P (52 mg), Fe (2.7 mg); vit. A (608 mg), carotenoids (3650 mg ) Ac. Folate (192 micrograms ) ; vit. C (40mg)

Source: Composition Tables CESNID's food "(2003). Ed Mc Graw-Hill - American.

NOTE: the proteins are expressed in g/100g, g/100g lipids, minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron) in mg/100g; soluble vitamin folic acid and soluble the vitamin A, expressed in μg/100g. Vitamin C (hicrosoluble) expressed in mg/100g. The carotenoids are pigments of plants from which we can synthesize vitamin A, that is, are the precursors of it.

In wikipedia there is a very complete table with the quantities recommended daily allowance (RDA).


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