Sunday, January 24, 2010

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EPM-UNE Team prepares for the Tour of Cuba

  • EPM-UNE team cycling to Cuba in 13 days
  • 26 years ago a Colombian team does not compete in that event
  • In Antioquia train five of the six passengers

After 26 years of not attending as Colombia to Return to Cuba, a national team to compete again, this time represented by the EPM- UNE in the island test, career in its thirty-fifth edition will start on Tuesday 9 February and ends on Sunday 21 March.

Our country has only played this race as Colombian team on three occasions. In 1976, when he won the Aldo Arencibia Cuba and was runner-up paisa Abelardo Rios, in 1981, when Christopher Perez was second, going to Cuba Jorge PĂ©rez, and in 1984, the year the Second Chaparro won his second stage in the Great stone. The rest of Colombian shares in the past six years, has been with beetles competing in foreign teams in Spain, Puerto Rico and Mexico. continue reading ...



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