Friday, January 22, 2010

Strep Throat Clean Toys

Tour San Luis, Stage 5: Jackson Rodriguez and "Androni - Giocattoli" the best in climbing

  • José Serpa head Androni - Giocattoli, is the 2 nd overall.
  • Santi Botero The bundle is a good stage and is already the fifth.

rider Venezuela Jackson Rodriguez has been the winner of the 5 th stage of the Tour de San Luis which had its end in the town of La Carolina, after winning a stunning shot into English Rafael Valls, first Tuesday in the Mirador del Potrero and Russian Alexander Kolobnev, trio that came to define victory in the hardest day and considered that for a few seconds ahead of the small group of big names headed by the leading competitor and the Italian Vincenzo Nibali the Colombian Jose Serpa and Santiago Botero.
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