Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Options For Motorcycle Security

Miguel UBET first leader in Cuba, the Castro leads the flyers

(Jaime Castañeda the best of our occupying the 7 th in the arrival and 4 of the general individual)
  • Jaime Castañeda best Colombians in general , leads the intermediate sprints.
  • EPM Team - UNE Raul Mesa the most compact on the opening day.
The Venezuelan Miguel UBET is XXXV first leader of the Tour of Cuba by crossing the stripe first sentence in the center of the city of Guantanamo, to poach thus the first stage that began in Baracoa and had a total distance of 153 kms, supero UBET in the final sprint to the Cubans and Damian Granjel Raúl Martínez.
inaugural fraction was exhausting, because the input had to master the hills in the area of \u200b\u200bthe lantern, but also fighting against the strong sun punished in the last 100 miles. continue reading ... ..


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