Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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GEXXI - Polvorí of Morrot, Journal of atypical and educational output.

This past Sunday, February 8, I was able to make an outing of urban caving, one of my pending matters.
In fact the importance of this output is not my "return to the ring" after 7 years, but if the feelings I have noticed after all this time and the pleasant company of which I enjoyed and reaffirming in relation to I give good vibrations as the GEXXI initiatives.

There are two facts that made me think and not caving curiously, if not of public awareness, because speaking the Polvorí speleologically of Morrot not without its charm in their litogenia and little else that has no cavity artificial.

First and as a citizen I have cringed at what I saw and it seems that the City want to cover as if to sweep the dust strips under the carpet. Third is walk under the Coastal Belt and see how much "crap" to say the thing you need.
view is that over the road and see a modern city with their cars, port, freight trains, etc., And look under and there are all, hubcaps, old tires, clothing, paper, oil cans, beverage cans, glass and even a bicycle "Bicing" one of my colleagues was kind enough to return to one of the closest parking.

On the other hand, the crap that comes to be inside the Polvorí and everything and curious about any of the objects found, it is still garbage. Of course it is not normal for anyone to pass by, unless 4 cloaqueros crazy as we are. But what struck me is little or no information that I found online about this building, outside advertising a book that touches the subject.

Once inside there is something in the environment, at least I noticed it as well, inviting you to think about what happened in there since its inception to date. And no wonder, since according to the partner Albert, an expert in these types of cavity, its construction was motivated to protect the Italian bombing, fuel tanks and ammunition, during the English civil war. To begin, you find a number of bottles on the ground in design, non-present bottles of which Joan was indeed curious given the urgency of some design and seniority. Among them, I saw one that reminded me of when I was jovencillo and was consistent with a soft drink brand "Stel", characterized by its square recorded around the container. Another and better known was a bottle of anise and not "Mono." I do not remember the brand, but I do remember it was made in Badalona. On the other hand, there Several textbooks of the 80, including a notebook with school work of someone who wrote and drew very well and that the content was not old teen.

Most striking was to find a copy of the defunct magazine Destination dated in the year 1962 (I was 10 years) and in whose home if bad memory appeared the then Prince of Spain. All these circumstances led you to investigate everything that's how he got there, as has been preserved for so many years (it is a site accessible to all homeless people passing through there) and speaking of the cavity itself,
shocked that in some places Concrete blocks are not known because they are there, if not to hold the structure in some parts of the cavity. Certainly, a nook of one of these blocks had been used fireplace to warm the cold or heat food. As the cavity must say it is a long tunnel with some deviations to right and left to make something labyrinth (although it is hard to miss). It has a tunnel on a higher floor, shorter than the bottom, but in this case the lateral deviations are small pots that are downstairs.
Another feature is that there is still parte de la instalación eléctrica (no el cable ya que el cobre se vende muy bien en los chatarreros) en forma de traveseras de hierro en las que están clavados los antiguos aislantes cerámicos .

Desde mi punto de vista, no acabo de entender el porqué la ciudad tiene abandonado un lugar como éste, justamente ahora en que ciertos refugios subterráneos han sido rehabilitados y cerrados para su conservación.

Finalmente he de hablar de mi experiencia con el GEXXI y la verdad es que si antes creía en este proyecto, después de esta salida confío a ciegas en el. ¿Razones?, pues para empezar que a parte de los veteranos, hay una many young people who seem very excited and as we have often talked about promoting caving, what this group is invaluable, because it captures all those who after doing a course, who can not find them out and the GEXXI found that in a weekend can be 1, 2 or 3 outputs, different and any type, which can test everything and satisfy his desire to see and learn. And no joke, as for example this past weekend was a way of caving to the Bruc Avenc and other urban caving in Polvorí of Morrot. For the next week there is a proposal to go to the Sant Avenc Ou and another at a meeting of TPV that the Department of Competition the Federation, in which they can see what it is. More choice impossible, scheduled departures Cantabria, France, Pyrenees ... ... ...

GEXXI I think all and not get a year of life, has connected well with the caving scene and with great force. And something else that had long since I was missing, "Make friends and socialize with them,"

is, not everything is in, out and home. Human relationships are also important to educate people. If there were more examples like this, who would not have been thinking all the time in hoarding wealth based on wars and a great bunch of people die of want.


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