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Emachine E4252 Xp Drivers

POS Catalan Federation Cup 2008

The winners with Maria José Bilbao de la Generalitat de Catalunya and Hilary Moreno President of the FCE


1 st Rating: Asuncion Sanchez of GES CM Terrassa

2 nd Place: Ignasi de Yzaguirre the GERS de l'AE Muntanya

3 rd Place: Marc Farriol of CE Sabadell EU Sabadell
(picked up the award, Marc Martínez, member of the Selecció Catalana)


1st. Rated: CE Sabadell EU Sabadell / CG Filled
(Pick Award Albert Gil, president of the EU Sabadell)

2 nd Place: GES CM Terrassa
(Pick Award Josep Trias, president of CM Terrassa)

3 rd Place: GERS of EC Muntanya
(Pick Award Lluís Planagumà, vice president of l'AE Muntanya)

4 th Place: EG Anoia
(Picks Pepi prize Jimenez, member of the Catalan Selecció)

5th place
SIE Tarragona (Collect the prize Antonio Cabezas, president of Seven)

The event took place in the auditorium of the "Catalan Federation of Speleology" was chaired by Maria José Bilbao, "Cap the Department of Sport CCE Gender ", on behalf of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Hilari Moreno, President of CES" and Ignasi de Yzaguirre "Vocal Competició the Department of the FCE.


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