Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Verses For 1st Memorial

Photography in the underworld.

Yesterday September 15 and Hiking Centre Terrassa, held a conference on "Caving Photography" in the cycle which has organized this year the Catalan Federation of Speleology commemorating its 30th anniversary.
A photographer known by the Prais and Victor Felix Ferrer, the conference, spoke from its origins with the magnesium to the current digital photo.

Felix made his speech from the precarious beginnings of photography magnesium, accompanied by a slide show of great value historical, coming to include comments on how that time was made in a straight hemp and wood and various tools of that given the invalidity of material on the market were forced to improvise.
He was responsible for lecturing on analog photography. He explained their experiences and sometimes struggling with magnesium slide show of the Board of the Pierre Laverna, lit with 125 g. Magnesium result of which there was a significant explosion in which everything and being indoors, the heat came the blast. Everything and that the result was a magnificent picture of the whole room lit when there was no current or light inside.

then made known his "DIY" produced especially for flashes at a time when there was nothing more than the famous lights. An example of this is how I take the bowl of an old electric stove where you inserted in the center connections for multiple bulbs in order to obtain greater light output, thus abandoning the dangers of magnesium. Only problem is that those Iamps had to be imported and the photo cost a fortune.
Precursor and research of different systems for better pictures, as the system of multiple flashes or the photograph obtained Pose and walking in the dark around the room firing a single flash in different corners. In the end, and technology forces has moved to analog photo being active and fit today, despite his advanced age.

Victor, known for its publications and Mediterranean Chambers of Simas of Garaf and Ordal, apart from an exhibition in the last Sonimag that attracted a lot of competition, devoted his dissertation on Digital Photography and Photoshop.
A Everybody knows today the quality of the images of Victor in their publications or photographic competitions and explained the importance not only of simple camera shot if you do not own a good lighting design, depending on the type of place to photograph, all supported by a good set of photoelectric cells simultaneously at the same time every flash installed. We invented this practice Felix, but carried electronics.
explained advantages and disadvantages of compact digital SLR and now provide advice on the features that we had to as essential at the time of purchase. The flashes and their different types and which are best for each situation.

To finish gave us some ideas of how to use long Photoshop to get a flat photograph out of the camera, a photograph with some nuances and effect today still escapes digital cameras today. In short we have passed from the basins, developing solutions and photo paper, sit in front of the PC and adjust the picture to what our eyes have seen in reality.

The conference ended late after eating a peck, a gift from the Centre SIS Terrassa Excursionist


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