Friday, September 18, 2009

Hot Scene In Mera Naam Jokar


not forget the spoon!

Ingredients (5 persons) :
- 500g azuki (beans).

- An onion.

- A carrot.

- Medium green pepper.

- Medium red pepper.

- A tomato.
- Two cloves of garlic.
- A bay leaf.
- Olive Oil 0.4 º.

- Olive oil 1 º.
- Sweet paprika (or hot).
- Salt

- Seeds poppy.


re-hydrated beans the night before with water.

Cut vegetables into large pieces and slip by 0.4 º olive oil in same pan where you will make the beans (in the pressure cooker do it very fast!). You give a couple of wiggles with the wooden spoon and you take a little salt. When you see that the plants are already somewhat "pochaditos", you add rehydrated beans, rinsed and drained. A couple of wiggles back and fill with water until a little over the edge of the beans (two fingers or so, then if you ever want to take more water being on time). Add a little salt and put the lid. In the pressure cooker in 10 minutes already, but in a normal pan ... 1 hour as you need!

When the beans are soft, then remove vegetables with patience and go through a potato masher or blender and return to add the squid mixture.

Sprinkle over the dish a few poppy seeds.

and ... To eat!

is also great if you let the pieces of vegetables out there loose.
And to make the whole meal, you can add a piece of kombu seaweed or wakame, and accelerate the cooking process as well.

And vegan geeks:

black beans, dried, soaked, boiled : prot plant (8.4 g), total fiber (8.7 g); Na (3 mg), K (420 mg), Ca (66 mg), Mg (47 mg), P (130 mg), Fe (2.5 mg); Ac. Folic ( 74 mg)

Source: "Tables of Food Composition CESNID" (2003). Ed Mc Graw-Hill - American.

NOTE: the proteins are expressed in g/100g, g/100g lipids, minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron) in mg/100g, the water-soluble vitamin folic acid, expressed in μg/100g.

In wikipedia there is a very complete table with the recommended daily allowance (RDA).


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