Monday, April 4, 2011

Sample Letter For The Removal Of Auditors

Success "Seafood Festival"
SAN LORENZO, Valle .- With succulent meals fireworks, string music, personal watercraft skills, a Venetian night until dawn and a carnival in the town of San Lorenzo, Valle, celebrates the "Festival del Marisco", where they expect about five thousand tourists between yesterday and today.

About 30 restaurants are ready to meet the tourist demand in the food fair, not only this weekend but throughout the summer season.

Among the foods are succulent seafood soup, fried fish, Curilen, canecho soup, stuffed crab and all the delights drawn from the Gulf of Fonseca and preparing in the rich southern cuisine.

The fair was opened at 12:00 noon in the presence of civilian and military authorities, then the restaurants participating in the fair offered a tasting of delicious dishes to visitors.

At 2:00 pm began the powers of personal watercraft, boat with outboard, swimming, among others.
At night, the community will be a waste of natural beauty through the "Venetian Night", which means you lit with torches Avenue La Cabaña, which comprises about one kilometer. You made a multicolored lights burning, never seen before in the south. The Venetian is night until dawn, so that people enjoy and especially because security is in the whole event.
After that opened a great carnival that was prepared for locals and visitors with three musical groups. DESTINATION

"Our aim is that San Lorenzo will become the third destination of Honduras," said the executive director of the Valley Chamber of Tourism, Darío Paredes.

The director noted that "the South is alive, we have so many beautiful places that show you not only to Honduras, but the entire world."

At the same time, Honduran invited to "attend morning hours today in the children's activities, including bouncers, clowns, traditional games, tastings and continue to water skills, string music, folk, for the tourist We will be pleased to visit the tourist offer that is offered in San Lorenzo. "
"One peculiarity is the south, the removal of shellfish. Because in the south we have the beautiful mangroves which are extracted Curilen and crabs. "

said that "of shellfish cocktails are the order of the different restaurants. Also the shrimp ceviche, fish, the famous soup man, catfish soup, seafood meals, fried fish, breaded shrimp. "

"The sanlorenzanos people are kind, humble, we open our arms and hearts to people we visit and take a tour through this beauty we have in the Gulf of Fonseca."

In the south is the Bird Island, where there are more than 75 species of exotic birds. CRAB DANCE

Paredes said they have five macro activities for the rest of the year, one of which includes the 12th of June, the great marathon Running through the Gulf of Fonseca, with the aim of raising awareness in the population must take care of our ecosystem.

24 and June 25 grand festival of dance and crab mating is a phenomenon that occurs in the month of June has to do with the phase of the moon, they leave their caves, dance, hang on their claws, climb trees, "one can almost catch and play and they do not do anything or even leave the mangroves at the Place de la Cabaña."

"As Chamber of Tourism in June to do the festival of dance of the crab, we will bring tourists and we will take the mangroves so that they see with their own eyes how they dance and mate the crabs. "



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