Saturday, January 3, 2009

How Soon Does Executor Have To Pay Beneficiaries



- 1 ham Pata

- Sal

- 1 bottle of white wine Moriles

- 1 head of garlic

- 1 / 2 cup olive oil

- 12 black peppercorns

- 6 Nails

- Some branches of thyme and rosemary

- Two bay leaves

- Manteca Pork


Add salt to the leg. With a knife make a few cuts and make the peppercorns. Turn it over and start giving cuts to bring the nails. In a clay pot and add screw up the bottle of wine, olive oil, thyme, rosemary and bay leaf. Then shelling the head of garlic, unpeeled split in two and add to skillet. Leave to soak the foot for a day, turning occasionally.

When ready to cook remove all liquid from the pan and reserve. Add to the leg six tablespoons of lard and a tablespoon of reserved liquid. Bake at 190 ยบ for 4 hours or until roast is just right. Gradually add liquid as needed.

Serve with confit potatoes in olive oil


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