Friday, January 2, 2009

Top 10 Facial Cleansers

We are currently debating whether the FEDE does or does not do what they should do, but little is said about how you can be in a few years. Moreover, it seems like a taboo subject that no one wants to even think. And

makers today is that, fortunately, are not eternal and the collective, whether or not they are criticized because they are fine as they will not consider if these parties decide not to run in the upcoming elections.

truth, and here I can give my experience of more than FEDE 10 years on, is that there is the possibility that in the next elections are not present the current management team and therefore raises the big question ... .... "If there is anyone, who will?.

in principle and regardless of what you can do in the medium term the pressure, so if it was found in the different assemblies that have been made, or the mere fact that whenever there have been elections, has only been presented the current president is that the spirit of volunteerism is absent, except you see someone with enough time and (most difficult) the federation wanted to pull ahead.

'm not augur, simple observations of what you can get and not so far.
In principle, the current structure of the Federation can go to fret one no-show and many, many things would change.

To start and if anyone is not filed, would have to leave a Management Board, until someone is present to the president. Of course, the president is not the only one who pulls the car and would require a group of people working for him, and that's where the problems begin serious because we are suffering today. It is difficult to find a secretary, a vice president and treasurer particularly with accounting concepts.
Given this position would be alone and is similar to that FEE currently or have most of the Catalan Federation of minority sports, and professionalize the federation. In particular there would be a president some testimonial since it only would take care of relations with public institutions. The remaining staff would be hired and paid and do not necessarily have to be cavers. It would need a Secretary General who would lead most of the weight of the federation, a secretary / a Administrative / a bureaucratic tasks for an accountant.

This would impact on others as it could be an unprecedented increase in the federal board, and to be paid first After salaries, social security, etc. and other likely effect is a reduction in administrative expenditure item, the first thing that would fall would be the local current, ie, we should look for a small local-style "community center" in which barely the 4 cats would fit in it would work. That is, the current concept of library, departments, school, etc. disappear. Only enough people to unite and ensure people.

course and the domino effect to be the most expensive license, many would stop at the FEEC would be cheaper because they can result in a situation that unsustainable and result in the closure of the Federation and not saying anything that has not happened already closed for the Basque Federation and the competent authorities decided not to leave a loophole in the practitioners caving, caving again that a department More Mountain.
So many years of struggle and suffering, so that the final return with his head down to the fold from where we started.

I'm not Nostradamus, but think about all this rather than arguing about whether what he does is right or wrong. The danger is this and who think this is doom and gloom, just say it will take only a few years to see it.

It is impossible to run a volunteer small federation and when you reach the end of professionalizing the federation, comes the fall on economic grounds.

Think all those who want to keep our independence in solutions. As today feels it is the caving, it is difficult to find a solution, but only our will can avoid a final way.

A friend once told me that people are pointing to a club for caving and not to work. I replied that if he was right, but if someone does not pull the car, having left the club.
Are there more options?. But there are no good. Could enter a joint federal carry his previous style directives, ie moving from institutions and with minimal subsidy and just enough to unite people and maintain administratively to the FCE. Of course, money to subsidize activities, at least not for all and also with the possibility of losing the status of Federation to be an association, with fewer tax benefits and in terms of subsidies.

If someone is going through your head on becoming independent, not federate or belong to any club, just tell them that as they are today can pass laws very bad accident. I remind you that the law requires that your sport is to have MANDATORY Accident Insurance. Sure you can spend just never miss anything, but the day passes, which will touch the china can be involved in a legal fandango weight.

I think that the group will react and will not throw overboard 100 years of history, and years and years of federal demands for independence, but one need only look at history and know that all great empires have fallen. Perhaps all this is part of an evolution, but after having lived what was experienced in the Catalan Committee, I would say it is an evolution in reverse. For me personally this would be a sad loss.
think through all this and seek solutions, there is still some time.


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