Monday, January 5, 2009

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Anecdotes (5) - The fear of the future Frederick underground

Years ago, many years, I decided to show my wife what was the caving. The task seemed to me not very easy because of the few sports that have attitudes, but no harm in trying.

went to a small cavity Ordal, the Avenc of the lead, with a small hole that reaches 10 meters and a small room with occasional training. Because the well is close to the ceiling before entering the room, made me think that would give less "juju".

installed an electron to have more confidence, because at that time had about the rebate and "Jumars. I did lose self-insured with a "Prusik" because I preferred to wait in a small ledge there before entering the room ceiling.

As I said it, the feeling of being at ground watching as they walked in front of their eyes see ants and the odd cobweb, and gave him the creeps. I tried to reassure her from beneath him and guide since neither was the steps of the electron.

breathed calm since then had managed to support your foot on a ledge of rock which reassured him.

Suddenly from the depths of hell cries and curses were heard thousands who put on alert and looking down found that pretty shelf, was my helmet and underneath it I was cursing and swearing.

I told him again and there it ended up kind of caving technique. Talk about it anymore to make a hole together. Years later he made the odd cave as the Fou (pictured) or the Mill Aso, which certainly showed their inability in these matters to slide down a ramp and give a kick to a friend of ours who ended up in the underground river .

And in my experience as an instructor, I have come to see that when the fear grips a person, it is better to give a pat on the back and recommend to devote to something else.


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