Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ikusa-otome-valkyrie 3


This recipe gave me my Loli friend who in turn gave it to his mother Carmen, a very beautiful Seville also an excellent cook. Besitos Carmen.


- 2 Pork Tenderloins
- 1 head of garlic and five
- Salt and freshly ground pepper
- Olive oil
- A splash of white wine
- A trickle
- The yolk of a boiled egg
- 1 stock cube


In a saucepan over low heat put olive oil, add whole garlic head and candy. Season the fillets and set aside. When the head of garlic is tender remove from oil and reserve .

In the same oil and lay the fillets five cloves of garlic, peeled and sliced. When meat is browned add the stock cube, wine and water and simmer until reduced sauce and tender sirloin.

Clean reserved garlic head, that is, remove the meat and discard the skin. Add the cooked egg yolks and mash with a fork along with the garlic. Cut the tenderloin into medallions, add the garlic, egg yolk sauce, removed and dress the meat.

Fostering tenderloins with fries. In this case have been microwave potatoes herbs de Provence.

Peel three large potatoes and cut into irregular pieces not too small. Add salt, herbs de Provence and a dash of olive oil. Cover with plastic wrap and place in microwave on high for 20 minutes.


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