Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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was born in Piano di Sorrento on June 16, 1887 was an owner and an Italian politician. He was the founder of the Fleet Lauro, one of the most powerful Italian fleets of all time and one of the largest fortunes in southern Italy. Common in the annals of society for its frequent romances, popular tradition features legendary gave their lovemaking skills. As
policy was always very popular and was much revered by much of the population of the city of Naples.
During the two decades of Fascist regime he was appointed National Chamber of the fasces, supported by the very Galeazzo Ciano (Mussolini's son who belonged to business owners.) Also during that period gained the post of president of the Naples soccer team over which served to further spread his name among the people.
After the war led to the creation of the Monarchist National Party (PNM) with its financial contribution for a long time and was mayor of Naples, as appreciated as criticized for its management of public resources, without showing any consideration against their opponents, social forces and to their own colleagues. During his tenure municipal speculation began in the city of Naples.
had a very long life, although it was not without troubles, in his old age with impotence attended the financial collapse of its fleet. He died in Naples, November 15, 1982.


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