Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Digiscoping F-adapter -ebay

JL Galdón and I've been in this world for almost 40 years, but makes five heart disease I retired for good in spite of mine. I do not intend this blog to publish articles of caving because of those already published a lot and very good, just want to express my opinion about caving as an activity in this society, today and their problems.
Speaking of problems, I do not mean that caving has problems, but the problem of the lack of dedication there today, if is good, if it is bad. Also talk about the new disciplines that have been incorporated and its possible impact on this small crisis, of course if we agree that there is.
I do not want to pontificate, but try to at least draw light to why things fall in intensity at certain times and if this is done to find ways to revive interest in caving.
from my I will say that I started in a workshop of the year 1969 (down and up the electron) in the section of the years gone caving GELER GM of Barcelona. After I've been to other clubs like the SIRE Santana, Speleo Club de Gràcia, Poble Sec SE and currently in the Pirenaic RES. I've been a caver on end and I have been more to the training and administrative side. Everything and I participated in this campaign Arañonera System for 3 years.
know I'm not a saint of the devotion of some to defend the fact that the current draft of the Federation, but as rain never please everyone "I accept but do not accept insults and slights. I can stand up to criticism as destructive, but not more than that and I do because I do believe in freedom of thought and expression, and nobody may be charged with lying to anyone for such criticism, if I missed someone once.
I like to discuss things and I am able to recognize when I have no reason, just ask others the same. We can not save anything, but at least I like to help find ways of solution and make friends. Nothing more than that, so advance and I will not get to rag on any provocation (hopefully only talk about caving).


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