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Why People Bathe In Urine

alarms that may be excessive

alarms recently have jumped on cavities which CO2 concentrations are above normal. The downside of this is that it has created a kind of "collective madness" that predisposes more if possible to enter a cavity in fear meet what is called "hypoxia."

Linguistically speaking there is a mistake to speak of cavities with hypoxia, hypoxia and that we have us, not the cavity. Anyway the important thing is knowing that we speak and if by "hypoxic chambers" we understand, so be it.

'm not a scientist and therefore I will only comment on what they have said yes they are and what I've read out there.
The causes can be many and endless and may even that in some cases is not due to lack of oxygen. The first thing you can get to embarrass it seems that some people are more predisposed to suffer from hypoxia than others when it is logical that an excessive concentration of CO2 affect all alike (Remember the unfortunate mistake of a group of hikers in the Canary error that goes into a cave at the bottom of which there was little oxygen and I think that with the exception of 2 that did not go as in, the rest died of suffocation).

Talking with a friend, doctor and caver, told me that one of the many reasons could be the "climate change" (curiously I said not long ago in a forum and someone called "geta ecology"). It is also possible by increased air pollution that seeps into the limestone creating CO2 and I pointed to a lack of fitness in some cases when getting into cavities "athletic."

What is certain is that the theory that when it rains, it produces more CO2 is somewhat contradictory that it's raining right now less than before.

This reminds me of my youth in which there was only one cavity made famous by the "l'Avenc Pompeu Fabra. What happens is that this cavity and is an extreme case as it is now the "Avenc of GIESC." One of the times Pompeu experience lower to higher (all) a migraine and a drunken impressive. The second time you try to enter, just leave a group just for the sake of bringing the head to the cavity, I extinguished the flame of acetylene. Taking a carbide gave pressure to stop me out a flame from those of palm and a half and everything and it was off again. I repeat that these are extreme cases.

What is certain and that leads me to associate with what is happening now is that in some pockets, suddenly lit acetylene less than normal and even fan the flame down again. There was water, had Carbide, he was driving a bump and you remembered their relatives ... ... ... .. but nothing. Suddenly and without apparent cause the flame returned to its normal intensity. That gives to think that there are areas where there are cavities in higher concentrations of CO2 than normal and hence the poorer calls, apart from this that some migraines that came so suddenly and could be due to fatigue, but perhaps also a somewhat rarefied atmosphere.

What keeps crashing is that in more than 100 years that there is caving, has never been a case like the present (more than a dozen cavities reported in 2 months), so if that makes us think that something is changing. What?, I will leave that to the experts.
What seems logical and well I commented to my friend is that with several consecutive cases prudence dictates that someone would have to investigate these phenomena, which my friend gave me the reason but he said that the investigation would be lengthy and costly, making it unfeasible for the time. Anyway

calls everyone a bit of sanity and not panic because in principle need not be fatal accident of this kind, if it is in a group, recalling once again the danger of visiting a cavity "alone." Undoubtedly

immediate withdrawal time is the best antidote and since today most go with "led", it is worth carrying precaution a lighter that can reveal a low oxygen atmosphere. Also recommended for those who after an induction course to get into major cavities is more a medical checkup as any cardiac or respiratory small lesion may appear to make an effort than we've done so far.

In order that as it is customary to say all too careful and on the other side is not positive social triggering an alarm of this type. In the FCE concerned about the extent that you are taking the case, especially when this may lead to an eventual ban on visiting the cavities of affected areas, by Administration, especially if located in National Parks. Thus lose the entire group.
There cavities that have been reported and the next week has been another group and nothing has happened. By this I mean that perhaps the concentrations of CO2 are temporary and based on something that is to be determined.

In any case, whether by the "hypoxia" or by a physical problem, it's best to be vigilant but not obsessed, and the slightest hint or discomfort, leave the exploration and if possible visit another cavity. Everyone is free to do whatever he wants, but the fact promote cavities "outlawed" in the forums the only thing it does is increasing alarm. A note on these forums announcing own experience is good, first for everyone to be careful and second on whether people who are able to determine the causes, they can serve as reference in their particular investigations.

not forget, much less the problem, but we can not get into a cavity thinking that we can drown. For that, better stay home.

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