Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ranchking Snowblower Parts

Anecdotes (4) - The Spirits of Puetons.

years ago (as usual) several colleagues GELER GM decided to go to "l'Avenc Puetons dels", just a week after a fatal accident occurred. We planned

down the small entrance to split the first well and when we arrived we met with an electron in the vegetation that surely left or the rescue or the same colleagues who had gone to make the cavity.

One component of our group was the typical mental horny making a joke of a speck of dust and there began con sus gracias a animarnos la velada a costa del pobre accidentado de la semana anterior.

Hay gente que tiene gracia para hacer y decir las cosas, pero hay otros que lo que tienen es una auténtica desgracia para él y para los demás. Este era de esos.

Nos dio una jornada que a más de uno lo hubiera estrangulado con tal de que se callara porque nos puso a todos los nervios de punta. Que si se nos va a aparecer el muerto……. que si lo llevábamos al lado…………….que si patatin………que si patatan. Yo recuerdo que me tocó bajar el primero, a electron, el tramo final del primer pozo y mi colega pues nada dándome la “buya” and taking into account the darkness and the bad feeling he had at that point in the rest of the team my nerves were like spikes and to top it all off, just missed that 5 meters zaaaaaaaaaas down ... .. ... ... ... .. is rung ran until he met with the next.

deep breath as I remembered, not the dead, if not graciosillo colleague's family.

And so, ran the scan until the rise to the same well, it fell to fellow up the last and see where the acetylene was playing him a trick and he put out continuously. That's where the other a devilish grin came to us and we all agreed that this was our chance to avenge the sexy that we had screwed up the day.
The colleague is sick of "Garlick" the acetylene and decided to climb to the touch (going dark). On the ledge where we were, there was a twig plant would come there from outside and of course, was a matter of aim, but we decided to throw it wherever he went parallel to the electron.

Spirits were at that time with us and wanted the branch pass caressing the face of the colleague, who, after a cry, broke the speed record rise of 20 meters. electron. As the man, pale, with the heart that left him looking at us astonished chest, the rest of us on the floor revolcábamos bellyache so much laughter. I will not put here, the compliments that you gave us but the you can imagine. Once past the brawl, and while our colleague was silenced forever the rest of us was a smiling face have been something like "the righteous blessing." Certainly

me in this stretch has always passed me something and now I remember and already existing techniques, in a post workshop output and lowering the ramp that links the 2 wells, one in front of me yelled "piedraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" I I curled up like turtles as he heard the stone bouncing towards me. Suddenly I noticed an impact on the wrist and the stone is that even vi.

I touch the hit and saw that it did not hurt, but ... .... horror ... ... ... .... the clock was "descuajaringao" and completely destroyed. Continue the ascent lamenting the lost material and my fortune in the physical part ... ... ... ... ... as I remembered the relatives who shouted it from "piedraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."


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