Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Anecdotes (1) - LIGHTNING ... .... That affright! This starts well

At the beginning of the 70 were several colleagues from GELER "to make a cavity of the" Pla d'Ardenya. " At that time nobody had a car and caught the bus "Petit Canigó Farm" bound "Begues." From there we walked to our destination.
was the time of the electron and we all had one at the top of the backpack, the night was unstable (meteorologically speaking) and our youth and our inexperience played a trick on us.
At one point fell very close to a ray and we looked at all under his white light and we were like statues of salt with a look of horror on our faces. The good news is that all and without a word, thought the same thing at a time. "Electron cash in his backpack, took a lightning rod on top."
all at the same time throw the bag in the same place we were and what possessed we ran into the house that was in the "Pla d'Ardenya."
good thing is that nobody ran lie realized that we left a trail running air that attracted the lightning. We took refuge in the house, silent, dumb and when the rain stopped we had to undo the way to rediscover the place where we had left in disarray and retrieve their backpacks.
I personally I have a trauma with the rays from that small and on the roof of my house I saw a lightning rod dropped one that was in the building next door. I still remember, the sweltering heat off the beam. Also once and losing the "Pica d'Estats" I had a fatal seeing them fall to the right and left.


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