Friday, October 17, 2008

Muslces Needed For Shot Put


In 1974 I knew that there was the GE Badalona, \u200b\u200band even there, nothing more. Easter morning that year I had to fulfill my military duties and then I have in the Sahara (including Green March) in a majestic landscape flat as a board. After 3 months of camp (of course nothing nice) I had before traveling to the Villa Cisneros (Dakhla now), the Society of Health.
As always I had spent on administration and more than half the time I played, one day and had a blackboard at the entrance, for longing, anxiety or boredom I painted the sign map of "Avenc ( sima).
The fact is that one day the guard after he called me and said that anyone asked me. There he began a great friendship that was still hard and Paco Miret (for car) GEB that seeing the sign, I guess that freaked by a tube to see that in the middle of a desert.
From there we flash explaining our war stories (I was then in the SE GELER) and taught me the Caves that sent him from the peninsula. We made a promise and was to make a cavity together when we licenciáramos. The cavity in question was "l'Avenc d'en Pomar" to "Pla d'Ardenya" of which are the pictures you see in this article.
And so to this day. The odd thing is that In 2003 I was diagnosed with cardiac injury who separated me from the Speleo. Time later and after 2 surgeries Paco Miret similar thing happened in the heart and is also now retired on medical advice. This reminds me of the book "Parallel Lives" of Publio Virgilio Maron, because even without doing caving, there are two at the bottom of the barrel.

(In appreciation of a great friend and a great person)


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