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the hard living

Back in the 80's, when it created the FCE, it, was only a sport, the Speleo. Over the years there have been adding more disciplines and this has created suspicion and mistrust more than one, especially the older ones, creating that which title "the hard living."
As someone who has gone through all these episodes and cognizant of how and why were generated and incorporated into the FCE, try to give a reasonable explanation of why it is something that should not be afraid, that this does not subtract if to add and that somehow we have been forced to reach a certain situation to not disappear as the Federation (and not only ours if not all small FEDES have been forced to go through the same situation.)
First of all I would like to think that in the FEEC and over the years the opposite has happened, which has reported a large number of licenses and a consequent increase in public subsidies (this is another of those paradoxes that more federated, more subsidy. unfair, but in this country is politically correct.) The truth is that sport for years appeared on the mountain, sport appropriating the FEEC (remember our case). Over the years, some of these disciplines have become independent and most have been claimed by their logical associations (skiing, mountain biking, trial, etc.).. Curiously, the only discipline that has preserved even shared with us is to Canyoning and all for a failure of the administration first, the refusal of a president of the FCE to bring to justice the subject and the final decision, forced the Administration for their own "Llei de l ' Esport "to qualify the practice ESPEL the" descent of canyons i engorjats "(canyons and gorges) and mountain practice" Barrancs decline "(cliffs). And they were so pleased, calling the same with 2 names different. A ridiculous decision, but they had to not only look bad with any of the 2 FEDES. Luckily the FEEF have changed much and are signed today agreements that cover such policy inconsistencies, such as mutual collaboration in the teaching of this discipline and organization of the meeting of canyoning "Gorgs."
Places theme, Canyoning is a discipline created by cavers and hence the logic of those who had to have this sport in their statutes. When created, raised many suspicions to the older generations of cavers and who considered it an intrusion into a federation that was hard to get to expel. I myself do not deny that was one of them, but eventually you learn that you can live and even though you do not like, people no longer paying annual fee as other and have their rights within the FCE as well as the rest. The downside is when you think that the practitioners of this discipline are being grants that may be for caving. I took 12 years to the federal scene, I can assure you that it is not and argument as follows.

· The more people, more income, more to distribute.

• The Canyons people do not have subsidized campaigns.

· have grants workshop, but are half that of caving and came at a time when the courses started Espeleo loose. Although some still have reservations with them, most have finished accepting as comrades of the Federation.

The following discipline that was incorporated into the statutes, all that was older than the guns, was the Espeleosub. Here and to comply with the law says the sport, had to make an agreement with FECDAS (Catalunya diving federation) and change the Staff Regulations, the discipline of Continental Espeleobusseig (Espeleobuceo on the Continent) ia FECDAS "Busseig MarĂ­ "(diving at sea). Rebuild the name, but it is what came out of the Administration.
Here there has not been any problem of coexistence because Espeleobuceo is almost as old as Espel also practiced in the same room and even through he discovered continuations that have ended up deep caving world-class, besides being a minority. I particularly admire the great dangers they face and why not say, "have a couple of sites."
The last and most contentious of the disciplines that it has joined the competition in TPV and we return to the same with the theme of which take a lot of money, money that could be for caving. Well, I'll try to dispel these fears.

• The incorporation of the competition was an "obligation to half" of the Administration to incorporate all the federations to what they understand as a sport. Ie entertainment events in the local general public for their enjoyment and final qualifying results to give a medal, trophy, or just the picture of the "podium."

• When I say the obligation half, we were told everyone not to be forced, but the federations who did not respond to it, would see their subsidies reduced gradually over the years, with the consequent danger of disappearing. In return, they incorporate to their discipline, would double or triple their subsidies.

• In the first year, the grant money was divided between the costs of the FCE, the historical self-activity of the Federation (grant has not increased, nor decreased) and the Competition. A couple of years later and to this day do not get stops (except for administrative expenses) to the division, but called for consistency and balance between the primitive and competition disciplines.

By this I tell you, NEVER has lowered the money caving subsidy (in contrast, have been increasing year after year) and the more money we get is to meet the requirement of the competition, without prejudice, or the caving, or the guns or the cave diving . Not accepting this, we were very clear that it was disappearing in a few years.
The conclusion here is that we see all those who practice one or the other as one and not as usurpers. I repeat that there is more money more licenses and remind you that the caving is going through moments of crisis from my point of view is generational and earnestly desire to be a passing blip. Consequently, the decline is caving Licensing offset by those who practice another discipline, which does not lose power to the FCE, the opposite is stronger than ever having gone in the ranking of CCE (Consell CatalĂ  de l'Esport) from the bottom, a few years, to be in a high intermediate. I assure you that this progression has not gone unnoticed in the CDC or other Catalan sports federations.
also ask someone ... ... ... ... .... If this is so, why not get more money?. The answer is simple.

• Each region has its priorities.

· catalunya CA is one of the most powerful of the English State. Besides the hackneyed question of whether what we are given, for what we give, whether it is sufficient or not ... ... ... ... ... ... etc. etc. We are a community that has a melting pot of sports and cultural bodies "brutal" so that when it comes to share the cake ... ... ... .. up to less.

Of the latter had an experience with CS one year of grace when we asked if we could increase the subsidy. We were told that in the neighborhood of Barcelona (and those who are here will know) was a brutal amount of eligible entities and that it was impossible to stretch the cake. However, we were given a solution strange but true. We could look for a place in the district next door and since in the neighborhood had few entities to subsidize activities, we would play a higher subsidy. As to the issue of subsidies in Catalunya is the same. Do not want to lie because I do not really know well and I will tell you as receiving the Andalusian, although we know that is almost double ours. This proves what I said. Against culturally largest is the Community, more are small entities.
I think that since we have to share a table together "at the demand of script", it is best to get along and look to understand and respect what others do. No more. Believe me if you I say we will win all.


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