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Spreading Espeleo ......¿ With what means? I stand

This is and has always been one of the workhorses of the Speleo. There is talk about whether it is enough or not what is done from the FCE.
I had the opportunity for nearly 20 years of fighting this issue, first as organizer of the International Film Festival "from" EC de Gracia "and then in the FCE. After that time is that as goes the country lately, that's impossible.
The reasons are simple and compelling. In this country, unlike France, there is no media in a media culture covering, just the culture. Thus depriving the audience above all else and so we fall into "reality shows", shows a continuous mass and competitive battle to have more viewers than other channels.
For just one example. Actually spend several documentaries on TV, but small audience channels and few, very few are of own production. It is as if he had to leave space to culture, but without prejudice to what really matters. I remember once talking to a mayor of the City of "Barri de Gracia, at a time when his party ran the council and the government of the Generalitat de Catalunya, we answered the question of whether they could do something to introduce the "Festival of Cinema" by TV3 and the response was overwhelming ... .. "TV3 is impregnable even for politicians who are out of it." Today things have changed little.
On the other hand in the ECG as the FCE has insisted on the theme of seeking "sponsors." Luckily, years ago they learned of the issue and have insisted they collaborate more but not much in the dissemination of all sports. Another example is that the ECG went to talk to a leading brand of electronics, on its sponsorship. The question we did was very eloquent, "How many cavers (futurables buyers) are in Catalunya?. In saying that about 1,200 gave us hands and thanked us that we thought of them, but ... ... no interesábamos. Since the FCE
have been a thousand and one trial and the results remain the same. And that's all thanks to the "Unió de Federacions esportive de Catalunya (UFEC)" and their political connections we have published in the sports all the important events that have sent (Campaigns, discoveries, records, competitions TPV, clubs courses , etc.). Well, that's something. Only
is a resource and finance an advertising campaign, which is not economically available to the FCE and much less clubs.
The upshot of all this is that it's a real shame as before the problem was that there were no cameras who would like to download a cavity, now that there are people who have made special productions and some of them very good, the media does not want these productions because they do not spend a penny in things that then have to put in hours of low ratings. That's their opinion, of course, I am convinced that if the people of this country saw images of what we do and what is in the basement, alucinaría through a tube. But, of course, the TV will not risk even in a picture. When
change this trend?. Hard to tell but the Latin mentality (except of France) does not fit the "standars" cultural world. You may have to spend many generations, but ... ... ... ... ... ... it is difficult to predict.
To end this story shows: A string of TV and as a result of an act can not remember got in touch with the president of the FCE and offered to shoot some pictures to make known what was caving. The "pressure" I quote these people in the "Avenc of Passant" and when they got completely terrified she said "But we have to go down there". " At the final shot the "pressure" down a few feet and getting back and were satisfied. Clearly
that to this day continue to be a rare bug for the rest of society.


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