Friday, October 31, 2008

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Is there a crisis in the caving?

This is a topic that I'm sure we could debate among many of us and certainly with different criteria. In any case, I expose my theory and each presents its findings and if you want to challenge you to. The amount of thought always creates an approach that unifies theories and concepts. In my opinion, the caving has traditionally been through bumps and I believe and hope that this is one more. The only difference between these potholes have been the circumstances that have contributed to this occurs.

Firstly there is also the view that these bumps are good because it clears a bit of a movement within the caving that could be harmful. That is, the overcrowding in caving is not good, or what is, best few good. Apparently I have seen agree in part with this concept and if we do not see the example of Canyoning in which the "intrusion" is rampant and not because they are not federated with no right to practice, but because many times and with an outlet on a business adventure, and it is believed people educated enough to go it alone. The result is that this year we have a wealth of accidents in Barrancos never seen before and most are people who are neither in the FCE and the FEEC and they are beginners, novices. If

move this issue to the caving (fortunately it is not currently the case) all that philosophy for years has cost us learn, like not doing graffiti, not destroy unnecessarily formations, the carbide take with you (although this is falling alone), not littering ... ... .. etc. etc., it would go to ruin and eventually lose all those who understand the true message of what lies beneath our feet.

Returning to what is proposed, and currently, there is a generational crisis issue and is determined primarily by what is called "raising the quality of life." The paradox is that more quality of life, fewer associations and more individualism. That fact was never produced in the 70's and not by increasing quality of life, but rather the opposite. The odd thing is that while it was the case that they formed groups of people whose aim was to join to make large cavities, if mostly in Catalunya but not, as most still did not have enough purchasing power to take a car or go to Peaks. Thus was born groups within the same groups as the "Virgin", the "Flowers", the "Visigoths", etc. or groups of people bounced from different groups in which they saw their needs met as was the case of "Shotfirers."

could apply this same case today is that the GEXXI and unfortunately, there is a generational shift in the clubs and these are being depleted and lacking in this "partnership" that we enjoyed in the 60, 70, 80 ... ... ... Someone asked, which is about fellowship with the caving and caving is that per se, the fact of going to make a cavity and then every one to his house, an act cold and senseless as it is not the mere application up and down. The caving is more, it's friendship, is collaboration, is a philosophy of life, much more. The truth is that it is a way of being with your friends and socialize with them outside of the cavity and in between breaks.

As an example, I remember that in the 70, you were going with your rock to "Pleta" or "Campgrás" and you always meet people from other groups did not know anything and that automatically and you from friends, and even we got to share to the cavity. Also not seen again, but I left their mark captured in photos that look today with nostalgia and even without knowing even the names of these colleagues. What happens is that we knew that next weekend the same thing happen in "Sant Llorenç" or wherever we were.

Today, hardly see anyone out there. It has lost the companionship, romance or that ye will call and hence the logic of appearing as GEXXI groups or other groups that I wish to appear, since they are the basis of the survival of a know-how is being lost over the years. Perhaps

and as I said before, it's better than no uncontrolled 2000 to lthough it is also true is that for these groups to do their business, they must have others who wear yourself out kicking area for new cavities, which, by luck has not lessened but mostly those who carry on their backs are the same 20 or 30 years.
What is certain is that need new generations to pull the car and what is fashionable is to try everything a little but not engaged, which is negative to the point of extinction to reach if there is a change of attitude in a society has settled into the armchair viéndoselas come easily.

is difficult to predict the future, although it is true that history is full of unexpected reversals and believe and trust you have to have a turn to boredom and loneliness in which humanity now lives. Remember one thing, is that humanity is going to "stick" and so in times of dictatorship (the last 2) is when people are coming together for a common purpose, hence came the golden age of caving (as many say, is that at that time or you were going to "drive" or I missed you the mountain, there was more), but democracy came with all its charm and we're still enchanted by do not tell "gawking."

Lastly, to clarify that I am speaking of Catalonia, as in the rest of English history need not be the same. While it is true that, like great empires have fallen over the years, remember the example that for years the French were the masters of global exploration and today, the beans are cooked in Ukraine and neighboring countries in which just there is no democracy European style called "civilized."


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