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Julio Soto always be with us, say Tolupan

TEGUCIGALPA .- As a great leader was buried yesterday the chief of the tribe of the mountain La Ceiba La Flor, Julio Soto (97), who died last Monday at the Teaching Hospital due to tuberculosis.
Indians reported that the death of Julio Soto, leaves a great void in the community as it struggled to defend the rights of the tribe and the preservation of the customs of this forgotten place in Francisco Morazán.
After his death in Tegucigalpa, the leader Tolupán was transferred to the mountain of La Flor where he watched Monday night and was buried yesterday at 1:00 pm, with remarkable simplicity.
Unlike what you might think, the inhabitants of the mountain La Flor noticed calm, no crying and little emotional like the funeral of someone ordinary, except for the visit of President Porfirio Lobo who was accompanied by Minister of Ethnic, Luis Green.
In the midst of a cool environment, marked by poverty, the community itself, Julio Soto, was veiled in the headquarters of the board of the tribe La Ceiba.
coffee and bread was all they could share with mourners who came to the wake.
President Lobo came to the wake with Minister of Ethnic, Luis Green.

Flower In the mountains there are five tribes in total: La Ceiba, La Bandera, San Juan, Lima, Guaruma.
During his short stay, the President Lobo Sosa, the chief said Soto was an extraordinary man, "we are accompanying the family and the community, because the chief Julio Soto was a great man." Meanwhile
Tolupán villager said Julio Rivera Julio Soto was a great person, leader, friend who defended the rights of our tribe, we are all here to say goodbye to him and tell him you will always be with us. "

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